Biblical Forgiveness

There is excruciating pain in biblical forgiveness though we are commanded to do so by the One we say we follow….

Christ was not protecting the hearts of our perpetrators and/or abusers in this command, but protecting and guarding the hearts of His own children from possibly falling into the great void of further darkness.


Pretty in Pink



Pretty in pink, or so they say,

Applause and cheer welcomed this terrible fate…

 On such as this… a blood- slaughtering day.

Dress the red-stained city in pink to celebrate this victory …

But rest assured…

This pretty in pink will surely be addressed in history,

As the Father quietly sighs. 


Our law-making mothers proudly dressed in white…

 Sit idle with their twisted faces silent and drawn, 

Blinded in their own protest and self-fight.

As they showcase this lighted pink downtown,

Be patient… and be not prideful…

For this pretty in pink will soon be rectified,

As the Father slowly waits.  


In self-admitted retaliation to punish a greater foe,

They proudly slaughter the innocent …

 As a basic human right.  

So they silence even the youngest and frailest among us…

But be not deceived… all who celebrate, 

This pretty in Pink!

Is truly the Father’s fight. 


A premature baby at Groote Schuur hospital. Photo: Henk Kruger/Cape Argus










An ancient writing foretold a King to be born,

This King will rescue His people.

His Love is incomprehensible,

His eternal peace is always sustaining.

His Kingdom is nearing,

An ancient Light coming ever closer.

He will rescue His people,

growing ever weary.


He will cease the suffering,

of His believers.

The Gates of Eden,

in all its abundant beauty,

will soon welcome us back home. 


Without A Restless Night

grayscale photography of woman holding ultrasound photo


If there were no restless nights, no morning dawn could lighten our fears.

Without the snow in winter, no summer breeze could warm our coldest years.

No East could exist without a West,

No right without a left,

No exhale would follow an inhale,

And no breathing could be!

No love would exist without hate,

No beauty without filthy waste,

No female to compliment the male,

And no children we’d see!


If there was absolutely no pain, where would we search for our comfort?

Without an approaching death, no life would ever live to exceed.

No finish without first starting,

No joy without our greatest sorrow,

No all until our absolute nothing,

And no thankfulness to be!

No present without our past,

No young without the old,

No morning without a nightfall,

And no sunrise to ever see!

child at sunrise

Without tears falling from sensitive eyes, no smiles could ever be.

If there were no hard-fought battles, there would be no victory.

Without a disagreement to debate, no one could ever possibly agree.

If noise did not force a quiet refuge, no gratefulness for silence could be.

Without those willing to follow, no leader could lead.

No right without sometimes being wrong,

No peace on Earth without first conflict,

No harmony without a war,

And no powerful country existing to call home!

 No truth without a lie,

No justice without inequality,

And no future perfect Kingdom to come!

No strong to protect the weak,

No white without black,

And all shades in between,

There would simply be none of us for we would’ve long failed to succeed!

Night and Day with text

No goodness without evil,

No reason without doubt,

And no doubt there to even believe!

No safety without injury,

No thirst without drought,

No hero without villain,

And no One King with a Crown!


No question without the answer,

No passion without first indifference,

No blessing without curse,

And no lost to be found!

Without a world full of darkness,

There would also be, 

No Light to see!

Much Fruit

Hello Dear Friends…

I am honoring all those today who have been persecuted in the name of our Savior! Polycarp was a brittle old man who loved Jesus and committed no crime!   Please persevere and remember those who have gone before us!  Continue to love, to honor, to walk in the footsteps of our Savior!  And I thank you all…from the bottom of my heart….for taking the time to read my blog! !




JESUS….to the church of Smyrna…

(Early Church tradition dates Revelation to the end of the emperor Domitian (reigned AD 81–96), and most modern scholars agree, although John may have written a first version after Nero’s Great Fire in Rome (AD 64) under Vespasian (AD 69–79) and updated it under Domitian A. D.)


Do not fear what you are about to suffer. Behold, the devil is about to throw some of you into prison, that you may be tested, and for ten days you will have tribulation. Be faithful unto death, and I will give you the crown of life.”

(Revelation 2:10 ESV)





…Bishop of Smyrna (A.D. 69-156) 


The most succulent fruit you did bear…as your name so well implies,

A believer from youth…until the day they took your life.

Really, how much faith did it take you to utter these words?

To your captors who held you prisoner and wish you to die?

……“But why do you delay? Come, do what you will!”……

This old man in his eighties, could not utter a sound,

Against His Master who died for him and promised a crown.

So loyal, so humble, just wanting to please …

He spoke a final prayer of thankfulness to be thought even worthy…

 To die a martyrs death, against this evil and wicked stance!

They ignite a great flame, to set your decrepit, old body ablaze,

Wishing first to bind you…to insure an even greater demise.

But to their utmost astonishment and serious wonder…

A sweet scent emits… of baked bread and fragrant spice…

…”Leave me as I am. For He who grants me to endure the fire will enable me also to remain on the pyre unmoved, without the security you desire from nails.”… 

They call for a dagger….a mighty weapon used to kill,

How dare this old man refuse to die by our murderous hands!

  Slaughter the one who stands mighty and untouched by flame…

Pierce him…and do not delay,

 For our hunger for this evil play is ever growing.

As they tear your flesh open….shattering tissue and bone

Your slaughtered blood extinguishes the fire that surrounds you…

 As you are savagely brought down…


 …your last breath is nearing, keep searching through the flame!

Grab a hold of your Master, and kiss the Feet of your Crown!!!

“Stand fast, therefore, in these things, and follow the example of the Lord, being firm and unchangeable in the faith, loving the brotherhood, and being attached to one another, joined together in the truth, exhibiting the meekness of the Lord ….”

(Polycarp… in his epistle to the Philippians A. D. 110-140)

One Single Yellow Rose

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for the time you spend visiting my blog!!  My current blog is the result of the inspiration resulting from an empty and lonely Mother’s Day….As I always grieve the death of my own mother who died on October 16th, 1990 …and of the loving and honorable husband I was pray-fully blessed with… who never thought of disrespecting my mother… in ANY WAY!!…. and who honored her on her very last day here on Earth, at the young and tender age of 57,…

With One Single Yellow Rose

..…which he personally placed in her hands!!!  

Our faith in Jesus allows us to long for an eternity where we will be happily reunited with our loved ones in Christ!  Carry on my dear friends in Christ…..the world is full of evil, heartache, and strife….. but have no fear….. for He who lives within us has already conquered this fallen world!!!  

Thank you firstly…. to my blog friends who read my crazy and unprofessional writing even though I only attempt to honor Christ! ….secondly…to my everlasting and faithful husband Brian… who loved my mother so very unconditionally…and last, but certainly not least…. to Stacy…my beloved friend…who through beautiful conversation last night, provided me the inspiration to write this blog!!! 

Please continue to pray for those lost and searching for answers !

Your friend in Christ, 






rose 1


“The life of mortals’ is like grass, they flourish like a flower of the field;

The wind blows over it and it is gone, and its place remembers it no more.”

(Psalm 103: 15-16 NIV)


One single yellow rose…placed so lovingly in a deceased loved one’s last embrace…..

So very long ago….yet so brilliantly vivid in the ones’ who cherish the memory of that well- lived life left behind.

So soon to depart …and so painful to the ones who remain lingering here…

Free-falling in this sinful land where we,

Who steadfast believe…

And are just passing through to our God-given homeland!!

One single yellow rose…. Found intentionally along the path to that finite farewell….

And clouded in temporary heartache and loss.

A mourning daughter heavily sighs through tears, 

 Unsuspecting and unaware

Of the unconditional motive of the one who greatly respects…

That life once lived….


 Of the existing life that was brought forth

From her womb.

One single yellow rose…to beautifully represent a life renewed!

 Borne from the scattered and very few yellow roses…

which were handpicked and delivered to her deathbed vase.

 Handpicked… only from the garden she kept…

 Among the prickly weeds and thorns that grew there.

The few yellow roses which flourished just higher among the weeds…

and stood majestic on her doomsday nightstand.

  And the weeds unable to strangle…

The life growing there, 

 of the very last week of her earthly suffering.



rose 2


“Yet you sweep people away in the sleep of death—

They are like the new grass of the morning;

In the morning it springs up new;

But by evening, it is dry and withered.”

(Psalm 90: 5-6 NIV)


One single yellow rose….. Given from the young and vibrant hands of a son in law…

And freely into the now resting hands of a deceased mother in law.

Yet the wind continues to blow in this barren land…

And the evening light fades the vibrant color to only a dimmed black and white,

to those who continually choose to wander here….

But that single yellow rose… 

I know now,

Without any doubt, 

Lives eternally….

No East…

 No West…

Does it even know,

as our fallen world now dictates us all,

This beautiful flower survives,

in all immortal conditions!

Because His Kingdom rules over all ……


And that single yellow rose will survive the fall…..


His Kingdom will rule….

Forever…and ever!

Rain…..Fall On Me!

“So that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven. For he makes his sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust.”



Summer Rain


This night is so very lonely…its never-ending fears begin to torment me….

The nightly doom sets in early on this very dark mid- night.

Wreaking havoc on my faith….

My soul…..

And my ever- present being….

My Lord…. And My Savior!

 “Hear my plea”…

“I will follow you…. Even if I walk all alone,”

“Till the break of day.”

This early daylight begins without a whispering sound….

The day’s morning sun is bright and blinding to my weary, sleepless eyes.

The low-lying and lingering ominous clouds seem to overshadow any lasting hope of this sunrise.

And yet… there You are…



 In the distance…

Like a candlelight ready to quickly extinguish ….

On this early morning daybreak…

My Lord…. And My Savior!…

 “Hear my plea”…

“I will follow you…. Even if I walk all alone,”

“Till the brink of night…..”



The seasons seem to change so quickly now….my breath is growing more swallow….

My body is diseased and weakened….by the years of my rebellious youth,

I so fear my own impending death…..

As I reach blindly into the aged darkness that surrounds me…

 Reaching only to grab hold of Your rod…

 And Your staff…

Yet I think I grab hold to…

 a bruised and nail-pierced Hand……

My Lord…. And My Savior!…

 “Hear my plea”…

“I will follow you…. Even if I walk all alone,”

“Till the verge of death…..”


I return as dust to the darkness I once called home….

Lying deep within the frozen ground

 Which once inhabited me.

And in this cold darkness…

I hear the distant sound of a magnificent horn.

I rise and look into this vast darkness….

And search desperately with weary, sleepless eyes

 Where Your constant light once flickered…..

My eyes grow clearer……

My vision as crisp as it once was…….

Am I awakening to a room in my Father’s house?

I scream out in utter fear……

Yet it is not my own shattering voice I hear…..

I hear another voice….

Speaking slowly,


Is He welcoming me?……

“This is YOUR room in my Father’s house!!”

Though I do not deserve this upcoming wedding feast!….

I walk in,

 with my head held high!

Invited by the One who called me! 

My Lord…. And My Savior!…

 “Hear my plea”…

“I will follow you…. Even if I walk all alone,”

“Till the marriage supper of the Lamb.”



fall heavy on me in this present darkness…

For I fear no evil!