” I AM…”

I am or I’m, a form with the English copular verb to be

“I Am that I Am”, a common English translation of the response God used in the Hebrew Bible when Moses asked for His name

I am (biblical term), a Christian term used in the Bible


“Jesus said to them, “Truly, truly, I say to you, before Abraham was born, I Am.”

(John 8: 58 NIV)


I am pic

The Christmas season is finally over…. but what a sad time of year it truly was for me…

My finite joy is now gone… and my words of rejoice and praise… have been silenced!

For those I love the most…. And those I long to spend eternity with…

Yet they are still among us……

They are now gone to me…..

… I did not gaze upon their beautiful faces…or hear their tender words of love.

….BUT in His Mercy… He gave me a glimmer of hope…

A precious child….

The very same age as the very ones I longed for this past Christmas season…..



And another glimmer of hope… I did not deserve!!

An unsuspecting text I did Receive…….

A final Victory?……..

a Hard Fought Triumph?……

 Maybe perhaps…..

Just a glimmer of hope!!!


For there are no true and righteous wars fought here….

For You have already won the war!!!


Simple words !

Two words that mean such very much to me….

“I AM….”

“I AM!….”

I AM…….!!!!




“All my devotion is like sinking sand. I’ve nothing to cling to but your sweet hand. I’ve no clear emotions keeping me safe at night: Only your presence, like a candle light. After everything I’ve had. After everything I’ve lost. Lord, I know this much is true, I’m still drawn to you. I pour out my sorrows just like a precious oil. I kiss your feet, Lord, with a holy joy. My tears an offering of my highest praise; Your eyes say ‘welcome.’ And I receive Your gaze. ‘Cause after everything I’ve had And after everything I’ve lost Lord, I know this much is true I’m still drawn to you After everything’s been said. After everything love cost. Lord, I know this much is true I’m still drawn to you. You know I am Lord, I know this much is true I’m still drawn to you.”

“Audrey Assad”

…February 23, 2018



I HEAR YOU!!!!!! 

I HEAR YOU!!!!  


I will someday kiss your Feet my Lord with a holy joy!!!!!…..

yet also with great tears of sorrow!!!!


great tears of sorrow ……..My Lord!





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