Christ Is Offensive

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“Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!”

(Isaiah 5: 20 ESV)

As I enter my 52nd year of life….I am truly shocked…yet very saddened at the blatant cruel hatred and raging anger and the concurrent deterioration of society which seems to fill and occupy every corner of life…. slowly seeping into the already bulging veins of a lost humanity…and assisted through the continual use of a sensationalist news media…..and of a massive global social media network… used by some for personal gain… or for a twisted political agenda… or who only seek to cause bloodshed and death for some, obvious hatred for others unlike them, and pure strife for those who desire to just survive its ambiguous imposition… seems the more “politically correct” we become….the greater the divide and deterioration…the more celebrated the hatred…… and the more intense and the more distinguished the anger becomes….  

The recent “propaganda” by those who are well- known for the slaughter of opposing faith-based blood with their cruel and raging blood-soaked swords on the crimson red stained sands of some far-away Eastern sea…..or known to cage a man as if he were merely a wild animal until the scorching burning flames engulfed his dripping sweat-soaked and terrified body… Yet they claim the West as religiously insensitive? “A land of religious discrimination and concentration camps” …spoken bravely and without fear from those who still oppress half their population and murder without regard…..and only for the greatly anticipated hope of ultimately destroying the West from the inside out… and all in the name of their god……yet there is silence so not to offend.

The insidious yet always present and ever-growing influx of misplaced sexuality…. Stealing and destroying the minds of men and women and robbing the very innocence of our children… “Painted ladies” now walking freely in the light of day in a crowded downtown public square… where mothers proudly take pictures of their youth standing next to the slow deterioration of an entire sinking humanity…seemingly unaware….and their innocent eyes are beginning the process of desensitization in their yet blameless minds…becoming as their mothers have become……the slow and insidious destruction of what was once the truest expression of an intimate love….yet there is silence so not to offend.

The constant newsfeed flood of anti-Christ sentiment and rhetoric… truly most saddening of all…. ….the silencing of voices who are now considered “politically incorrect” hatemongers by those who have now discovered and actively practice “political correctness”…. The hatred for Christ is expressed in their own vindictive words….even by those who proudly self-proclaim to not believe in Him….yet ironically are still so apparently offended by the mere sound and mention of His name…some of the anti-Christ rhetoric coming from those who fought hard and long for tolerance…surviving not too long ago in a world of intolerance…yet blaming that intolerance on Him?…the One whom they say they do not believe …. yet they now have no tolerance to give or offer others…and a simple and unconditional gesture to pray for another human being is now greatly offensive to them….

Christmas is offensive….

Christianity is offensive….

Christ is offensive…

…Yet there is silence so not to offend?

In the thriving dichotomy of a deafening but loud silence of a “politically correct” society….please be constantly reminded of the never-silenced apocalyptic words from the only One who came to reconcile every one of us struggling in this very lost and sinking humanity…every murderer, every oppressor, every intolerance, and every offender, ….as He started a “politically incorrect” revolution which still continues today…which still speaks loudly and directly into the deepest corner… in the very heart of that sinking humanity…and which still greatly offends an ever growing and increasing number… more than two thousand years after His life, death, and glorious resurrection…..

“If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you.”

 ……. Jesus Christ

 (John 15: 18 ESV)

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